Welsh Rugby Union

What we did

  • Sized the market and established current penetration within that market.
  • Analysed ticket purchaser data to segment the current audience base.
  • Initiated a combination of quantitative and qualitative research to better understand the underlying issues behind non-attendance at the Millennium Stadium.
  • Developed a series of strategies to help increase attendances for Wales international matches at the Millennium Stadium.
  • Reviewed and provided recommendations to improve the Spectator Experience at the Millennium Stadium.

What we achieved
Provided the WRU with deeper insight into the Millennium Stadium ticket purchaser/potential ticket purchaser, with recommendations on how to reach them, what to say to them and how to deliver a great experience.

What they said
“eightyone600 helped us better understand the attitudes, motivations and behaviours of current and prospective ticket purchasers for Wales international matches. Their work was first-class and has provided the foundation for us to move our ticketing sales and engagement strategy forward.”
Head of Group Commercial & Marketing, WRU