Specialists in driving ticket sales and attendances for major sports matches, tournaments and events.

eightyone600 is a strategic marketing consultancy working in the business of sport. Our clients comprise sports federations/NGBs, professional sports clubs and major sports tournaments and events. We help them drive participation, grow membership, increase attendances and fill their stadia.

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  • Engage

    Getting the brand match fit

    It’s a cold and wet January evening. The team is on a losing streak. Do you have a powerful and distinguishing brand that emotionally connects with your fans, so that they will be there with you, come what may?
  • Build

    Defining and building the audience

    How well do you know your fans? Do you find you are talking to the same people in the same way, time and time again? How effective are you in using your current data to prospect for future customers?
  • Connect

    Creating conversations

    Starting a conversation is easy. Having the right conversation, with the right people via the right channel and at the right time isn’t quite so easy. What kind of conversations are you having with your supporters?
  • Transact

    Turning fans into customers

    Having plenty of fans is great. Having plenty of fans who spend money with you is a whole lot better. How effective are your strategies to maintain what you’ve got, bring in new blood and reawaken those who have drifted away?
  • Connect

    Walking in the customer’s shoes

    You’ve worked hard to build your fan base. You now need to keep them. A well planned-out and delivered end-to-end spectator experience will bring tangible returns. Is your organisation truly customer-centric?

It’s all about the numbers

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